Emergency Housing Voucher Program

The Housing Authority of the City of Bremerton (BHA) has been awarded 38 Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHV). BHA is committed to working with the Housing Solutions Center of Kitsap County (HSC) to administer the vouchers in accordance with all program requirements. HSC is Kitsap County’s consolidated entry vendor. BHA presented and overview of the EHV program at the Kitsap Housing and Homeless Coalition (KHHC) monthly meeting on May 19, 2021. The members of the KHHC, who serve as the local Continuum of Care (CoC) for Kitsap County were in attendance.

BHA explained how the EHV program is intended to work including the requirement for communities to establish priorities, KHHC organizations to make referrals to the HSC, and to administer the program consistent with intent towards racial equity. BHA followed up that meeting with several individual one-on-one meetings with various organizations throughout the community including organizations who primarily serve minority populations in Kitsap County. Additionally, a survey to establish priorities was created and sent to members of the KHHC, participants of Kitsap’s Vital Communications team, and other interested partners. Agencies were encouraged to forward the survey to their contacts.

The survey was followed by a focus group meeting. There were 33 respondents to the survey, representing 21 agencies in the county and 15 respondents attended the focus group. As we analyzed the data, it became apparent the organizations prioritized the people that they serve. For example, organizations that primarily serve victims of domestic violence, prioritized victims of domestic violence and so forth. Families with children, disabled, and veterans scored the highest in priority rating among respondents. There was also consensus that the survey was limited in that it may not have reached enough respondents primarily respondents of color although we specifically tried to do so. As a result, the most reasonable determination for prioritizing vouchers was to provide vouchers to each organization that chose to participate in the program, this includes agencies that specifically work with minority populations.

All KHHC’s members were asked to make racial equity part of their priority selection criteria and to consider the results in the survey as appropriate. It was also decided that each organization would be asked to limit their referrals to just a few of their clients with the greatest need and to those who would be successful in this program with the commitment of wrap around services and the service fees to assist with finding homes and leasing up. KHHC members were asked to provide a specific number of EHV’s for their clients that fit the EHV criteria.  HSC will attempt to accommodate those requests in accordance with the overall EHV award. This request was made as to not to overwhelm our HSC. It was also determined that it was reasonable to apply the same racial equity goals established for the various rental assistance programs in Kitsap County, although it was also discussed that those goals should be considered as minimum targets given the limitations of the data collection used in that process.


EHV Waivers


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