How long does it take to schedule an initial inspection?

After the fully completed RFTA (Request for Tenancy Approval) is submitted in full to BHA, one of our Housing Inspectors will determine rent reasonableness on the unit. Once it’s been determined to be rent reasonable, we will contact the landlord to schedule an inspection. This can be anywhere from 5-15 business days, depending on the volume of requests at the time.

Note: for more information on the RFTA, please click here to visit the Landlord/Owner FAQs

What does the inspector look for during an inspection?

That the unit meets HUD’s Housing Quality Standards (HQS); please refer to the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Pre-Inspection Checklist for more details.

Is there a list of the most commonly failed items in HQS inspections?

Please refer to the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Pre-Inspection Checklist for more details.

Do all utilities have to be turned on during an initial inspection?

Yes, all utilities for the unit must be turned on for the inspection.

Does someone have to be present for my annual inspection?

For tenants in non-public housing units, the head of household or someone you appoint to be there who is 18 or older will need to be present. Landlords do not need to present, but are welcome to be there if they wish.

Are HQS (Housing Quality Standards) mandatory?

Yes, they are a HUD requirement.

Now that my unit passed inspection, is it okay to have my tenant sign their lease?

It depends on a variety of factors. Please confirm with BHA that it is okay before you sign the lease with the tenant.

How do you determine how much rent I can get for my unit?

It depends on a variety of factors. BHA uses a third-party service to determine if the asking rent is reasonable, and compares it to units with similar amenities. Landlords should request what they would like to charge for the unit.

What happens if my initial inspection fails?

The landlord will be notified of what repairs will need to be made, and then can respond to BHA accordingly.


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