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Jill WebsiteThe Bremerton Housing Authority will be completing our Fiscal Year 2022 budget for adoption by our Board of Commissioners at our September 2021 Board meeting. The budget process is both a financial forecast and an opportunity to establish goals and initiatives to carry out our vision and mission.

BHA envisions a future where everyone has the opportunity for a home that is safe and affordable; people are treated with respect regardless of their income level or background; and a person’s income level cannot be identified by the neighborhood they live.

BHA provides high quality, stable and sustainable housing and related services to people who have limited financial means. Our work is to help our clients to become economically self-sufficient, while at the same time strengthen communities. We will use our public and private resources efficiently and effectively.

This year with input from our staff, leadership, and our Board of Commissioners, we established 5 goals.

Goal 1: Continue to build a strong network of support and service to meet the needs of our Residents and Program Participants.
We know that everything that we do at the housing authority must center on the people that we serve as they are the reason that we exist. This means that we must have strong systems and processes in place to support our residents and program participants and that we must be responsive to their needs and provide them the tools they need to remain housed and have increased positive outcomes.

Goal 2: Leverage cloud-based technology and electronic document workflow to drive customer satisfaction.
We believe that utilizing current technology and implementing electronic workflows will allow us to serve our residents and program participants with increased efficiencies which will minimize response times and assist with compiling the records that we need to collect. This means that we must invest in technology and in training and keep our systems updated and current.

Goal 3: Fully utilize our programs and our resources through community partnerships.
We understand that it is imperative that we use all of the resources available to us to house people in need. This means that we need to have our housing choice vouchers at 100% utilization, keep our units filled, and work closely with our community partners on our shared housing initiatives.

Goal 4: Develop a long-term repositioning, preservation and acquisition strategy and financial sustainability plan.
We are committed to preserving the housing authority’s assets for many years to come and this means that our we must plan now for long-term financial sustainability. This means that we will be doing long-term planning to best position our housing authority, preserve our housing and expand affordable housing in our community.

Goal 5: Continue efforts to build a positive, equitable, and healthy workplace culture.
We believe that our greatest asset is our staff and that we must provide a culture where they can grow and thrive in their work. This means we must have in place equitable systems of pay, benefits, and rewards and that the culture of our workplace is professional, positive, safe, and non-discriminatory.

We look forward to being more present in our housing developments and interacting in new ways with our residents and our program participants. Thanks, Jill.

Click here for BHA Vision, Mission, and Statement of Values.


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