Significant BHA Milestones

July 17, 1940

BHA created by ordinance of the Bremerton City Commission


BHA central office is constructed and occupied at 110 Russell Road

July 17, 1941

Westpark, BHA’s first project, is completed for occupancy by shipyard workers and their families

1941 to 1945

BHA constructs 6,246 residential dwellings in Bremerton including Sheridan Park, Sinclair Park, View Ridge, Anderson Cove, Westpark Eastpark, and Qualheim Hill


Westpark and other BHA developments begin to house military families; at the conclusion of the WWII, discussions begin on disposition plans for dormitories and demountable projects, like Sinclair Park and Qualheim Hill


Aerial view of Westpark development from early BHA annual report, c. 1943


Westpark occupancy is open to the general public

1947 to 1955

BHA transfers ownership of Anderson Cove, Sheridan Park, Eastpark, Sinclair Park, Qualheim Hill, and View Ridge to a variety of groups including the US Navy and private owners; some demountable dwellings are moved to the University of Washington; duration dormitories are demolished to make way for Olympic College; Westpark remains BHA’s only housing development.


State Highway 3 construction removes a number of Westpark houses


BHA signs a contact with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to convert Westpark to the federal Conventional Low Rent Public Housing program


BHA begins participation in HUD’s Section 23 Leased Housing program, the forerunner of HUD’s Section 8 program, and begins providing rental subsidies from HUD to private landlords. Searle Street Apartments, located in Westpark, are completed for occupancy for seniors.


The Firs, located in Westpark, is completed for occupancy for seniors BHA assumes management of the Mason County Housing Authority BHA begins providing Section 8 rental assistance to low income households in cooperation with local landlords Provide management to Narrows, Hallet House, and Village Green


Tara Heights completed for occupancy


BHA begins participation in HUD’s Rental Rehabilitation program and receives an allocation of Section 8 vouchers


BHA assumes management of Section 8 vouchers in Lewis County


Sylvan Pines (40 Units) senior home ownership unit in East Bremerton BHA begins administration of Section 8 Certificates and Vouchers for the Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority


Congress passes the Quality Housing Work Responsibility Act (QHWRA) and the Section 8 Certificate and Voucher programs are consolidated into the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program


Commissioners conduct a community-wide affordable housing needs study; BHA completes conversion of all Section 8 Certificates to Housing Choice Vouchers Contract Management Services, a division of BHA, is formed to compete for Performance-Based Contract Administration (PBCA) work for HUD in the state of Washington


Contract Management Services (CMS) is awarded the PBCA contract for Washington


BHA initiates an eight-month stakeholder process to redevelop Westpark


Westpark vision of the future completed


Tamarack acquired and added to BHA portfolio CMS enters into subcontract with the Hawaii Public HA to perform PBCA tasks in Hawaii


CMS is awarded PBCA contracts for the states of Utah and Nebraska BHA purchased 2nd floor offices in the Norm Dicks Government Center (NDGC)


BHA ends management of Lewis County Housing Choice Vouchers


Bay Vista Commons opens for occupancy BHA receives HUD relocation vouchers to assist with moving residents from Westpark


Relocation of residents out of Westpark begins HUD awards BHA a HOPE VI Public Housing Revitalization Grant of $20M


CMS subcontracts with the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) to perform PBCA tasks in So. California BHA ends management services for Mason Co. HA and Jefferson Co. HA; Housing Choice Vouchers in Mason Co. are transferred into BHA’s portfolio Demolition of existing Westpark homes begins and construction started for the new Bay Vista community


Last residents of Westpark move out and BHA central office at 110 Russell Road is demolished. BHA central operations move to temporary location at 4040 Wheaton Way


The Summit and Bay Vista South open for occupancy Winfield apartments acquired and renovated


Shadow Creek acquired and Bay Vista West opens for occupancy


BHA moves into their new permanent central office at 600 Park Avenue


Contract Management Services, a division of BHA, enters into a contract to provide performance-based contract administrative services (PBCA) tasks in Georgia and Illinois

July 17, 2015

BHA celebrates 75 years of strengthening communities in Bremerton and across the US


Wright Court acquired and renovated Charter House acquired and renovated BHA rolled out a new website in September 2016. The new website transitioned BHA from an outdated web presence to an efficient and secure website built on an industry proven content management system


Case Del Sol acquired and renovated


BHA partnered with the City of Bremerton to create a unique Rental Assistance Program to address gaps in housing affordability for working households BHA completed the sale of the last two remaining parcels of land at the former West Park public housing project BHA incorporation of all property management functions in-house October 1, 2018


BHA upgraded to Yardi Voyager 7S May 2019. The conversion from Yardi Voyager 6 to 7S significantly enhanced BHA’s ability to manage programs and reporting as a Housing Authority BHA contributes $3.1 million for Pendleton Place, a 72-unit permanent supportive housing developed for chronically homeless individuals