Available Affordable Listings

Listings last updated on: May 20, 2022

The units below represent any available units that fall under our Kitsap County payment standards for Section 8 voucher holders. Because the majority of units on the private market are too expensive to qualify for Section 8 rental assistance, these units have been manually selected based off an estimation of their affordability. We have not contacted these properties before including them in this listing. Since this webpage is not refreshed every day, there is no guarantee the unit will still be vacant when contacted. Lastly, BHA cannot guarantee approval for tenancy according to the landlord screening criteria.

It is up to the voucher holder to understand how to:
  • Initiate and navigate the housing search process for your household*
  • Calculate affordability based on your personalized "Affordability Worksheet," Line 9 amount, and estimated utilities*
  • Communicate with landlords effectively*
*See our Housing Search Handout for more information

1 Bedroom

3390 Narrows View Ln NE, Bremerton
125 S Cambrian Ave, Bremerton
328 S Lafayette, Bremerton
2040 Wheaton Way, Bremerton
1104 Pacific Ave, Bremerton
2600 Fir Ave, Bremerton
865 4th St, Bremerton
241 5th St, Bremerton (Studio)
952 Lower Oyster Bay Dr, Bremerton
Birchwood Lofts in Bremerton - Studios & 1 Bedrooms
Winfield Avenue, Bremerton
145 Bloomington Ave, Bremerton
7703 Vineyards Ln NE F101
2305 6th St, Bremerton
1125 Dill Way, Bremerton (Studio)

2 Bedroom

1911 NE 30th St, Bremerton
1115 Wheaton Way, Bremerton
1033 5th Street, Bremerton
1124 Perry Avenue, Bremerton
100 Lafayette Ave N, Bremerton
Vintage at Silverdale, Silverdale (55+ Community)
4091 NW Country Ln, Bremerton
614 Sheridan Ave, Bremerton
825 Dr MLK Way, Bremerton
1111 N Cambrian Avenue, Bremerton
Parkwood Terrace Apts, Bremerton
7720 Vineyards Ln, Bremerton
128 Lebo Blvd, Bremerton
581 Juniper St, Bremerton
2002 Magnuson Way, Bremerton
321 N Wycoff Ave, Bremerton
1135 Morgan Rd, Bremerton
1718 Burwell St, Bremerton
2638 Cascade Trail, Bremerton

3 Bedroom

1143 Portland Ave, Port Orchard
934 Dwight Street, Port Orchard
670 Mallard Ln NW, Seabeck
1032 Hanford Ave, Bremerton
1961 Rainier Ave, Bremerton
1643 NE Harvard Ave, Keyport
1367 NW Rockford Cir, Silverdale
2743 Pine Rd NE, Bremerton
37404 Bay Street, Hansville
9197 Shadowcrest Ln NW, Bremerton
4703 Strathmore Cir SW, Port Orchard
4601 Strathmore Cir SW, Port Orchard
11688 NW Breckenridge Lane, Silverdale
100 Miramar Circle NE, Bremerton
265 Silverpine Dr, Bremerton
6452 Shire Estate Pl NE, Bremerton
135 Lilac, Bremerton
1313 Slate Lane NW, Silverdale
808 McKenzie Ave, Bremerton

4 Bedroom

4616 NW Knute Anderson Rd, Silverdale

5 Bedroom

4549 Bay Vista Blvd, Bremerton

6 Bedroom

4397 Bethel Rd SE, Port Orchard

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